Apsara Paintings

The Traditional Khmer Apsara Dancer is at the heart of Traditional Khmer Classical Dance, the enchanting Apsara character, with graceful hand gestures and refined swaying body movements bring a special charm to the religious ambience of Khmer art and culture. The slow graceful movements that correspond to the character are vastly intricate, representing a plethora of meanings that it would take years of study to fully understand.

The Apsara dancer plays a dominant role in Cambodian Culture, both modern and traditional, as images of her can be found throughout Cambodia. Adorned with gold headdresses, silken tunics, skirts and lush jewelry the Apsara character is one of the most beautiful and identifiable characters in Cambodian Dance and History.

The sleek looking leading Apsara dancer is eloquently decorated in Customary Jewelry, a traditional White Silk Kaben with a white top. The non leading dancers are decorated in pink kabens and customary jewelry as well as the golden flower in each of the non leading dancers hand. This is truly a very crisp and clean painting by one of the talented and leading painters in Cambodia.


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