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Displayed in several of the images below is some of quintessential postures found in the Cambodian dance. These beautiful paintings are rich in color with a beautiful transition from light to dark (left to right) the 5 towering pillars of Angkor Wat are captured in many of the backgrounds with other figures, while the strength of many of these pieces remains the strong contrast of the golden crown, jewelry and skirt of the Apsara dancer in relation to their scenic setting. A wonderful painting displaying the lively posture and pronounced hand movements which make the Apsara dancer so attractive.

Pictured above are highly skilled depictions of a various single Apsara dancers detailed to near perfection. The craftsmanship of these pieces are brilliant, notice the subtle brush strokes in each paintings background, as well as the background depiction of Angkor Wat figures to the rear of selected paintings. Eloquently holding the golden flower in hand, with left arm fluently placed on hip, these richly decorated skirted Apsara dancers are covered with beautiful lotus/jasmine flowers throughout. Complete clear skin tones and fantastic use of lighting/shading has each piece marked as a potential favorite.


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