WAT Phnom

This is new WAT Phnom or (Phnom Penh) governor rebuild the Naga bridge as you see the WAT Phnom in the background, This picture is taken one day before the new year day. On the new year day governor arrange a dance party in the middle of this bridge with security guard and traditional Khmer music.

This is the First Day at WAT Phnom, like every year people gather around and play games, the most played one if powder, this year is different.

Yes it's different because the Powder game is getting worse and the authority have to stop the play, however people still find the way to escape.

This is the concert, nice, no one dance but I saw a lot of tours visit.

Well how many people? as i can say a lot of people come to WAT Phnom but most of the people i talk to they speak very good vietnam.

This is a group, play a traditional game.

Khmer New Year is getting better or bore, still the same old thing like last year, TV air celebrity play traditional game, street quiet as everyone leave Phnom Penh back to their province and Phnom Penh people leave to Sihanouk ville or Siem Reap and many has leave country.


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