The Roluos group

The Roluos group of monuments comprises of Prah Ko, Lolei and the Bakong temple. The buildings here are among the oldest to be found in the area. It is believed that the the capital was founded here before it moved to the area near Phnom Bakheng and (much later) Angkor Thom.
The lay-out of Prah Ko consists of four enclosing walls from which only parts of the inner two and the entrance tower remain. The six towers of the central sanctuary are built from brick with sandstone lintels and balusters. The towers were originally covered with a light-coloured plaster of which little remains today. The lintels (the large stones above the doors) are beautifully carved.

Prah Ko side view

In 1997 restoration of Prah Ko was undertaken. This will probably last until 1999. A little north of Prah Ko and the Bakong you can find the small temple of Lolei. (picture above right and below) It consists of four towers in a declining state. As the brick is relatively soft plants flourish on them. Still a miracle that
they stand after a thousand years of wind and weather.

The temple originally was an island in the middle of a baray (water basin) some 3800 by 800 metres, now dry.

restoration Prah Ko

Prah Ko


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